8th Grade D. C. Trip

On Sunday, September 30th, the eighth grade left for our annual Washington D.C. trip. This trip included the new African American History & Culture Museum.  The trip had a lot of build-up, especially about the lobbying opportunity to talk to our senators and congressmen about two issues: climate change and gun control. Two issues that are very relevant in today’s politics especially with millennials.

But I wanted to know what other 8th graders in FCS thought of DC. Devlin Kolimago in eighth grade said that it was “fun and tiring, we had to walk a lot and the food was good just expensive.” “Lobbying was good and fun but it wasn’t arguing, it was more of agreeing.” Next I asked Dev Gupta, also in eighth grade. He said it was a lot of fun. He had already been to DC before so I asked him what he thought of the museums that he’s had never been to which was the African American and the Holocaust museum.. And he said “They were very impressive, the layouts were nice, easy to navigate but I wish we had more time.” When I asked him about the living situation and he said “It was very nice, we were only there for two days so it wasn’t bad.” Lastly I asked him about the lobbying, he said “It wasn’t that interesting” and “it could’ve been better.”  Lastly I talked to Tabby Kingsbury in 8th grade. She said “It was fun and educational and I think it was a good way to have fun while learning.” I asked her about the lobbying experience and she was very positive of it saying “I thought it was really good to learn more about something, say you wanna keep doing that because you’re really into it and wanna make a change.”

by Will Coleman ’23

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