Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite season 6 started a few weeks ago, and seeing how the cube event is going, this season looks promising. In this article I will go over new locations and skins in Fortnite Season 6.


Every season we have had an assortment of amazing skins. This season we seem to have a great set of Skins in the Battlepass.

Calamity (Gold)

Calamity is one of the first two skins that you get when you buy the battlepass. Calamity is a cowgirl that you can level up 6 times to change the look.

DJ Yonder (purple)

The iconic Fortnite llama finally gets its own skin, but with a catch. The skin is basically a Fortnite llama with headphones, with a disco vibe.

Giddy-Up (purple)

A more disliked skin of the season, Giddy-Up is a default skin riding a llama. This is supposed to be a nod at the famous blow-up turkey riding costume in real life.

Fable (purple)

Red Ridinghood with a twist. Fable is Red Ridinghood but Fortnite style, she has pouches,  straps, patches, and a red mask.

Dusk (purple)

Dusk is a vampire skin. She has red eyes, purple hair,  light purple skin, and black claws.

Nightshade (purple)

The Tomatohead skin meets the fate skin. Nightshade is supposed to be a Tomatohead worshiper in the tomato temple. She has the same cloak as fate but has a Tomatohead.

Dire (gold)

Dire is the tier 100 skin in the battlepass. It starts out as a normal human but as you gain XP it changes into a really cool looking werewolf skin.


This season brought as a small amount of new locations, but here they are listed below.

Loot Lake

“The big change” of the season is Loot Lake. When the cube melted into the lake, the theory was that Loot Lake would turn into a volcano, but that isn’t what happened. The island in the middle has floated into the air and  has a vortex circling it. The lake has also has a whirlpool now. You can jump of the island and you will drop like you do off the battlebus. Also, at the bottom of the island is the cube. But the island has started moving to the new “corrupt locations” and has started lifting the runes out of the ground.


Corrupt Locations

Where the anti-gravity domes used to be are now wastelands of darkness. But the most important things about these locations are the “Shadow Stones.” The shadow stones allow you to go invisible, No one can hear you, see you, or detect you. These are “broken” (overpowered). Note that you cannot use your guns or pickaxe while you are using your stone. Now the runes in the middle of the locations are being lifted up by the floating island.


Wailing Woods

Wailing Woods has now been turned into a shut down area, it looks like it used to, but there is something different. If you break through the new fence and go into the middle, the original watchtower now has an elevator which takes you down into a massive bunker. The bunker has a bunch of chests and a rift.

New additions to Wailing are also the new lodges scattered throughout the location. The lodges have at least two chests in them, but if you break the furniture you can see that behind one of them there is a tunnel being built, similar to the ones being built in the bunker. Could we be seeing a tunnel system?  


The Haunted Castle

There has been talk of a castle coming to Fortnite ever since the castle spray from season 5 was released. But this season we got it! Above Haunted Hills is a new haunted castle, which seems to go with the new Dusk skin; it has a vampiric vibe to it.

Fatal Fields

Fatal Fields is mainly the same except for a cool new change, Fatal Fields now has cornfields in it. You cannot see anything while you are in the cornfields, but there is loot in them. It’s a fun new addition to this location and makes it more interesting to land too.

by Kyle Brady ’23

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