Shallcross Update!


Shallcross is coming along quite well, and will soon be done, at least from what we’ve heard. I went inside to take some photos and was surprised to see some new features, such as a shop and a new entrance by the side.

Side entrance under construction.

New store from outside.

I also managed to interview Mrs.Quinn about the new shallcross, and asked her a few burning questions I had.


Q: When’s the estimated completion time of ShallCross?

A: Sometime during the summer because there are certain components that will be done, but some rooms like the place were you sit and eat will be done before summer.

She also said to redo some of the meeting room it might take a while. Mrs. Quinn stated that there were, “Different Stages,” one for the meeting room, one for the eating part of the cafe, etc.

Q: What is going to be sold in the new shop?

A: Shirts, mugs, pretty much just Friends’ Central “swag,” I guess.

Q: Are there going to be any new rooms added?

A: It’s mostly going to be reconfigured, no new rooms really except for the shop.







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