Obituary: Bob the Bird (2017-2018)

The current eighth grade book, To Kill a Mockingbird, seems to be a bad omen for the birds of this school. Last week, April 17th, tragedy struck Dr. Z’s classroom (again) when Sol, F.K.A. Bob, passed away in the middle of a discussion about the evolutionary process. Dr. Z has speculated that erratic temperature changes due to inconsistency in heating/cooling caused Bob’s untimely demise. She was the treasure of the classroom, always singing joyfully, carefree and boisterous. Two years ago, Bob the parakeet was found alone outside on the tennis courts. She was passed out from the heat, weak and helpless, most likely an escaped or abandoned pet. Dr. Z and her students nurtured her, and she grew stronger and more likeable as each day passed. One student, Fotini Mourelatos ‘22, took a special interest in her, giving her the name Bob and befriending her immediately. Fotini on Bob’s death: “I’m pretty sad that she died. I had enjoyed taking care of her. She was a very rowdy bird, very fun to be around.”

Rest In Peace, dear Bob. You were a beloved friend and honorable pet with the brain of a bird. You probably didn’t understand what was happening for most of your life, but we did. We will always remember you.

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