NBA: Cavaliers Trade

The NBA has become very exciting with all of these trades. Players went all over the place and after all of the trades here are the final outcomes.

Blake Griffin who was a long time veteran of the Los Angeles Clippers has been traded to the Detroit Pistons. Although this trade was very big, this is not what everyone is talking about. The Cleveland Cavaliers traded away basically all of their team. First, the Cavs traded Dwayne Wade back to the Miami Heat. Second, the Cavs traded Isaiah Thomas to the Los Angeles Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. The next part of these trades is where it gets really confusing. The Cavaliers traded Derrick Rose and Jae Crowder to the Utah Jazz in order to acquire Rodney Hood. There was then a three team deal between the Cavaliers, the Utah Jazz, and the Sacramento Kings. The Cavs put up Iman Shumpert and the Jazz put up Joe Johnson to send them both to the Kings. In return the Kings gave the Cavs George Hill.

Most people think the Cavs ruined their team but the Cavs now have a lot of young talent and are doing very well. Since the trade the Lakers have been doing well, however, Isaiah Thomas is not happy with his current situation. Isaiah Thomas (also known as “IT”) says he doesn’t like being backup to Lonzo Ball and is asking for a buyout. Also, the Kings have been playing normally with their new players. Finally, the Utah Jazz have been very confused with their team. Derrick Rose has many team offers coming up, however D-Rose will most likely be staying with the Jazz.

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