MS Play Preview: The Phantom Tollbooth

Tuesday, January 16 was the first official rehearsal of the Middle School Drama production The Phantom Tollbooth. The Phantom Tollbooth was originally a book written by Norton Juster which was then produced into a movie by director Chuck Jones and  finally turned into the play the Middle School is doing by Susan Nanus.

The plot of the story goes as follows: There is a boy named Milo (played by Alex Rice). Milo wastes his time and pretty much does nothing. That is until a huge box shows up in his room and takes him into the world beyond. There he meets his best friend Tock (played by Dev Gupta). Tock is a watchdog that loves automobile rides. There are two kingdoms inside of the “Land of Wisdom”, Dictionopolis and Digitopolis. On the way to the Kingdom of Dictionopolis the story of Sweet Rhyme (Milan Goyle) and Pure Reason (Gemma Kent) is told. Milo later finds out that the Kingdoms of Dictionopolis and Digitopolis have never lived in harmony since Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason were banished. Unfortunately, all who tried to rescue them were unsuccessful. Will Milo be able to complete the quest that he unwillingly was forced into? Will he lose something dear to him? Will the two Kingdoms live in peace under the two rulers (Sarah Wusinich and Sophia Foote)?

Come to the play performance on Friday, March 16 at 7 PM and/or Sunday, March 18 at 2 PM. Bellow Is the entire cast list. (Please note: some of these actors may changed.)


Director: Julie Gordon

Asst. Director: Audrey Blinman

Technology and Set Director: C.J Kellers

The Clock, Tock: Dev Gupta

Milo: Alex Rice

The Whether Person: Sofia Foote

Gatekeeper of Dictionopolis: Maria Morsa

The Dodecahedron: Sarah Wusinich, Maria Morsa

Lethargarian #1, Word Merchant #1, The Everpresent Wordsnatcher: Skylar Casnoff

Lethargarian #2, Word Merchant #2,

The Terrible Trivium: Zagwe Yohannes-Johnson

Lethargarian #3, Word Merchant #3, The Demon of Insincerity: Dallas Wolfson

Lethargarian #4, The Letterman, The Senses Taker: Kyle Brady

Lethargarian #5, Spelling Bee, a Demon: Phoebe Davidson

Lethargarian #6, A Page, The Awful Dynne: Marcus Chiang

Azaz The Unabridged: Sarah Wusinich

The Mathemagician: Sofia Foote

Sweet Rhyme: Milan Goyal

Pure Reason: Gemma Kent

The Humbug: Savina Copas

The Duke of Definition (Minister 1), Kakafonous A. Dischord: Noah Porter

The Minister of Meaning (Minister 2), a Numbers Miner: Molly Allen

The Earl of Essence (Minister 3), a Numbers Miner: Emma Wusinich

The Count of Connotation (Minister 4), a Numbers Miner: Julia Butensky

The Undersecretary of Understanding (Minister 5), a Numbers Miner: Lauren Coss

Stage Crew: Adele Goldader, Magnus Lunn, Fotini Mourelatos, Riley Crane, William Coleman, Tabitha Kingsbury, Kai Davidson, Ethan Bobrin, Simon Rasansky, and Kokayi Jones


In an interview with Ms. Gordon she said that she was looking forward to working with the such a talented cast and when asked about why she chose The Phantom Tollbooth she responded by saying it was a great, fun, and cheerful play.

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Dev Gupta
I am currently an eighth grade student. I write mainly about Politics and Science/Technology.
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