Avengers Infinity War: Trailer Analysis

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped in late November and was number 1 on the trending list for virtually every video and media site. It was one of the most popular movie trailers ever and I will analyze it and see what I can get out of it. Warning! If you did not watch the trailer there is a link below. Also if anything I say maybe correct, then here is a possible SPOILER ALERT!

In the beginning of the trailer, we see a red, cloudy planet, I presume this Xandar, after Thanos visits the planet to retrieve the Power Stone inside the Orb. I believe this is what the planet looks like after Thanos gets the stone and destroys the planet using it. Next, we see Tony Stark, “AKA” Iron Man, holding someone’s lifeless hand. I think the hand is either Captain America, or, Nick Fury, we do have Nick Fury’s voice in the background. In the next seen Tony Stark begins to quote Nick Fury’s speech from the first Avengers and the camera shows Bruce Banner in Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum after a crash. In Captain America Civil War, we saw Vision and Scarlet Witch’s relationship develop and now we see it at full affect.

Thor Ragnarok was a large bridge into Avengers Infinity War and we last saw him with 100s of Asgardians on a stolen ship, but now it seems Thor is looking out the windows of the Milano. The Milano was the ship that Peter Quill “AKA” Star Lord used to fly into battle with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Outside of the windows it appears that Thor is looking at the red cloud planet (we presume is Xandar). Throughout the entire trailer we here members of the Avengers quote Nick Fury, but here it stops with Black Widow looking at Bruce Banner.

Now the trailer gets intense as we see Bruce Banner in clothes now and Tony Stark leaving the Sanctum. Most of this action is taking place in New York so far and it is fitting we see Peter Parker “Spiderman” on his bus going to school. This is the first time we seem Peter’s Spidey Sense and he senses an interesting contraption that looks like a portal of sorts. The portal is very mechanical with many moving parts and is wrecking the cities buildings and we see Tony Stark possibly looking at the portal.

We are moving back to the cosmos part of the trailer and we see Loki walking over dead Asgardians. Then we see him present the Tesseract to most likely Thanos (We assume that Loki had taken it at the end of Thor Ragnarok). Next we see Thanos come out of a portal most likely in Wakanda, where I think the last Infinity stone is.

Now we’re back on Earth and we see Spiderman on the weird portal machine in his new armor suit, and finally we see what I think is the other side of the portal which Thor is holding open. Then we see Proxima Midnight (a member the Black Order, which is a elite group supporting Thanos) throwing her spear at Captain America. The next important seen is of the Hulk buster suit with Wakanda in the background. Again in Wakanda we have giant horns hitting the ground, which I think are transport ships for the four armed creatures that the Avengers are fighting. A few scenes later Vision is on the ground and is getting his Infinity Stone ripped from his head by Corvus Glaive (another member of the black order). Then we see Thanos with at least 2 Infinity Stones in the Infinity Gauntlet. He appears to have the Power Stone and the Space Stone (The Orb and the Tesseract).

Finally, the last couple scenes take place in Wakanda again. We see Thanos punching Iron Man, who has a new suit on. In the last scene we have the reunited Avengers running in slow motion beside 100s of Wakandan soldiers. There are several Avengers missing from that last seen like Iron Man, Vision, Spiderman, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Hawkeye, and possibly Ant-Man, but I’m sure we will see them with the rest of the team later. This movie looks great and I am really excited to see it in the theaters on May 4, 2018.

Here is a Lina to the trailer if you would like to watch it!

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Alec Plante

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