The Flamingo Felony: A Narrative Mystery

This is a fictional mystery. All people, situations, circumstances and relations are fictional. It is a narrative puzzle that does not reflect on the real world.

*All details are important, but bolded details are more likely to be of assistance*

At 4:37 AM on November 27th in Orange County, CA, the Orange County Police Department, or OCPD, received a call from Jenna Berkowitz reporting that a body had been discovered at 005 Mill Park Lane, Orange County, CA. The body belongs to one Kenny Yulter, a man in his late 40’s, employed at the local zoo, unmarried with no children. No criminal record and in good financial state. According to neighbors, a reclusive but kind man with a good heart and a strong head. He lived alone at 005 Mill Park Lane in a cozy and well kept home. It was thought that he had a dog because of occasional movement in his home, but when police searched, there was no evidence of any such pet. It was said he had the night shift at the Zoo the night of his murder, which can be confirmed. Why he had been found in his yard rather than at the Zoo is currently unknown.

Body was found in yard, delicately placed
There was no blood on the lawn
There was no blood in the house
The body was surrounded by plastic flamingoes
He was dead for approximately 4 hours
No neighbors reported hearing or seeing anything until the report from Ms. Berkowitz
Some bruises and scrapes on the body, inflicted after death
Cause of death: clean shot to the head

No DNA was found
Several pink feathers were found in his house – Kenny had an eccentric fashion taste (could be from boas)
No firearms were discovered in his home


REGINALD ETHEUS – Mr. Etheus was a former co-worker of the victim. He had worked alongside Mr. Halter at the Zoo, but was fired after he began making claims that Mr. Yulter was stealing Zoo animals. He began telling the guests, and after management received several complaints, he was fired. While working at the Zoo, it was noted that he was incredibly protective of the animals, specifically the birds, and distrusting of others to care for them. Reginald Etheus would know Kenny’s schedule, including the fact that he had night shift on Mondays. However, he now works as a nanny and his host family said they had seen him in his quarters at 10:00 and did not see him leave. They were all asleep by 11:00.

MARIA YULTER – Maria Yulter is Kenny’s sister. Their parents had recently passed, and the two siblings were set to receive equal amounts of money from the parents. Now that Kenny has passed, she will receive his inheritance as well. Not only that, but she is inheriting his house, his money, and most of his belongings. She also knows his schedule, but she lives about an hour and a half away in San Diego. In addition to this, she owns a 24-hour diner, and is generally there until 10:30 PM every night. She was there until 10:30 on November 27th. Because of psychological problems rooted in anxiety disorders, Maria is not allowed to be near or possess any weapons. She is supervised closely by her therapist, who searches her house weekly for any dangerous items.

MICKEY TYLER – Mickey Tyler was Kenny’s house cleaner. He may have been aware of Kenny’s schedule, but it is unclear as to his range of knowledge. He has refused to release those details. Mickey disclosed that Kenny was, “a stickler for a clean home. He even made me clean his yard. I had to rub that one plastic flamingo in his yard till it shone, or he wouldn’t pay me.” Mr. Tyler and Mr. Yulter were often at odds, and neighbors reported consistent shouting and arguing from the two. Mickey goes to school at night on ALL weeknights, from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM. The school is an hour away from Kenny’s house. There is a brief thirty minute lunch period at 11:00. Mickey was in class by 11:30 on November 27th.

SO WHO DID IT? Comment your answers or theories below. The answer will be released in the next edition.


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