Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Analysis

[Trailer included at the end of the article.]

The Last Jedi trailer just came out and it has blown up with theories and ideas behind it. This is my theory of what is going to happen in the Last Jedi. Warning! If you want to go into the movie fresh, don’t read this. SPOILER ALERT!

In the beginning of the movie, Rey meets up with Luke and asks him to train her in the ways of the Force, but he is afraid and refuses to train her. I think when Luke says, “I have seen this raw power before,” he is referring to himself and not Kylo. I think this because of how quickly Luke saw himself learn the Force without much training, while Kylo had years of training behind him. When Luke refuses to train Rey, she goes rogue and encounters Snoke. Snoke captures Rey and tries to take the Force inside of her, but Snoke is unable to take her essence and sees her strength. Then he begins to plant the Dark side into her and turn her against Luke.

In the midst of this, a battle above Crait is going on. Luke senses Leia in trouble and tries to stop Kylo from making a mistake. Kylo cannot bring himself to pull the trigger and kill his mother. Struggling to make a choice Kylo is shot down and lands on Crait as a battle is ensuing on the Planet. Leia’s ship then lands on Crait and prepares for the battle as the At-M6 and At-At Walkers approach an old Rebel base established there.

The scene cuts to Kylo who is abandoned in the middle of nowhere on Crait, yet he stays by the wreck and thinks of what he was going to do. Luke finds Kylo by the wreck and Kylo tells that he couldn’t do it. That he couldn’t pull the trigger and kill his mother. Luke tells him of the new balance he has found in his absence, of the Dark and Light side. Kylo extends his hand to Luke, and they work together.

We find Kylo and Luke looking to find Rey, trying to sense her strong presence. This might happen towards the end of Episode VIII or towards the beginning of Episode IX. They find Snoke’s massive ship and sense Rey on it, but feel that something is wrong. Snoke feels them through the force and lets them board without Luke and Kylo knowing what they have walked into.  They encounter Rey before they find Snoke and try to help her, but she keeps fighting them, and Luke is stabbed by Rey. Kylo stunned, uses all of his strength and knocks her down, only to flee to his mother. Is this the end? We will see.

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Alec Plante

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