Top 5 Amateur Photography Mistakes


For someone who enjoys photography, people surprise me with their incompetence. I hope to teach you common mistakes you might be making, so that you can avoid them.

Repetition in your photography. This often occurs with the use of presets, edits that you have saved and can be copy and pasted onto another photo. A good rule of thumb is to try to treat every photo like an individual. What works in one photo, won’t work in another.


Over editing. Editing photos is about enhancement, not about creating a new photo. Before you adjust the exposure module, think about how it enhances (or doesn’t) your photo. When editing, everything should be intentional. Every time you make a decision to edit your photo, it is either enhancing or hurting your photo. Try to watch our for over-filtered, over-saturated, and over-exposed photographs.


Cliché, silly, or uninteresting composition. Like editing, your composition should always serve a purpose in your photo. Avoid copying professional photographers styles, and instead try to come up with original compositions. Some cliché’s include: eyes, everything black and white except for a flower, fairy lights, rainbows, rain, sad pretty women, butterflies, and glitter on the face or otherwise.


Badly edited mood, tone, and temperature. Temperature should not be extreme, try and match the environment the photo is set in. Don’t turn your photo into a monochrome cold blue artic, or a volcanic inferno using temperature.


Off-focus photos. Please focus in the right place. No one wants to see a blurry photo. It just looks sad.


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