LEGO Robotics Announcement!

Everybody knows that Friends’ Central has sports teams. But now, Friends’ Central has a new kind of team… Team Phoenix, the LEGO Robotics Team! We go to a LEGO Robotics contest (called FLL: First LEGO League) on December 19, 2015! There are three parts of this contest: the robot (which has to do some different actions to get points), the poster (which you don’t need to worry about), and finally, the project.

What We Need

So, FLL always has a different theme every year, and this year, the theme is TRASH, which is a very big problem around the world. For our project, we have to find a way to reduce some type of waste in the world and in our community. So, we decided to focus on whiteboard marker trash. Almost every teacher at Friends’ Central uses a whiteboard marker brand called Expo. After these Expo markers run out of ink, usually the teachers just throw them in the trash. So, we thought of a solution to reduce the amount of marker trash. So, you know how people enjoy making Expo creations like this?

image (1)

Well, we thought: What if there were different types of caps, so you could connect these markers in all different directions and create huge structures! Pretty cool, right?

image (3)

image (4) How much of the marker would typically be thrown out (top) versus how much is tossed now (bottom)

So, Friends’ Central, if you have any dried out markers, just walk over to the Middle School Building and give them to Ms. Sims in Room 14.

A prototype of a type of cap

A prototype of a type of cap

Thank you!

The LEGO Robotics team poses for a picture

The LEGO Robotics team poses for a picture

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