Time Is Right for Fun Night


As the leaves have started to fall and we have taken our seats in our classrooms, there may a lot of sad emotions associated with this transitional time of year. However, there is an event this Friday that will be sure to get you out of your back-to-school-blues: the Second Annual Middle School Fall Fun Night!

If you are looking to have a blast on Friday, September 18 at 7:30 p.m. in Shallcross Hall, look no further. If you arrive at that place at that time, expect to have the time of your life until 10 p.m. You will be greeted by the options of playing video games, ping pong, and badminton. Then, as the night goes on, you will participate in various activities such as a movie (title to be announced), and a karaoke show. Finally, as a special treat, a huge ice-cream truck will roll into the parking lot stocked with frozen treats and goodies. Whereas usually one must pay for one’s treats, on Fun Night, the school will foot the bill for the ice cream of one’s choice.

Ms. Kenealy, a seventh grade Language Arts teacher, shares, “Fun night is always interesting. A highlight of the last fun night was trivia, with Mrs. Mansure’s husband, Bobby. Students really seemed to enjoy the activity. ” As Riley Roche, a 6th grader here at school, states, “I’m really excited!” He adds, “I’ll enjoy the video games.”

Mr. Terrell, our Dean of Students, an eighth grade Language Arts teacher, and the coordinator of Fun Night, encourages all returning students to mingle with new members of our community, and to make everybody feel welcome. In addition to the extensive activities and games available, perhaps the “funnest” part of Fun Night is simply playing and talking with your friends. So be sure to get ready to have a fun, fun, fun Fun Night!

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