Ghost Town: The Stolen Chain

There was once a boy named Jake and Jake loved exploring. Jake even found this gold chain in a dirt hole on his first adventure. He loved this chain and he wore it everywhere. But one day Jake decided to go on an adventure. Jake was walking and walking until he saw this town. It looked like a ghost town. Jake was very curious to go in so he went. He open the door of the first house. The house went creek creek, like there was someone sitting a chair, rocking back and forth. So Jake decided to go upstairs. There were three floors: the basement, the bedrooms, and the attic. Jake decided to go into the basement first. Jake still heard sound: creek creek. Jake saw a shadow down near the laundry machines. He said, “Who’s there?” But no one responded. The next thing he noticed was that his chain was gone. Jake looked for it everywhere but he couldn’t find it. So he decided to go upstairs. Creek creek. He still heard the sound. But now it was getting louder and louder. It was like it was right next to him. He peeked into the room right next to him and saw this horrible terrifying creature who was wearing his chain. Jake said, “Give me that back to me.” The creature said, “Fine,” and threw it back to him. As soon as Jake puts it on, he sees his past and all the bad things that he did that hurt him. Now Jake has his chain, but he is stuck in his memory forever.

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