Choose Your Own Adventure, Continued

Hello again! This Liam here! I’m here for the grand opening of the second edition of “choose your own adventure”! Last edition, I made the mistake of not telling you which paragraph to go to. All I can say is, my bad. So, if you were in France and chose to explore the ruins of the Eiffel tower, go to 5. If you were going to explore the ruins of Paris, go to 6. If you were going to set up camp, go to 7. If you were in England, and you chose to go to the castle, go to 8. If you were going to stop the drunk man, go to 9. If you chose to go to the village, go to 10. If you were in the U. S., and you chose to drop your weapons, go to 11. If you chose to talk with them, go to 12. If you chose to stand and fight, go to 13.


You walk to the Eiffel tower, or what was the Eiffel tower. You hear a small whimpering in the distance. Carefully, you approach it. In front of you is the body of a small puppy. Its collar says Sparky. It has a broken leg, but is still alive. You see a war rifle next to the dog’s leg. Suddenly, you hear a roar. Behind you, three man-sized robots in bulletproof armor with war machine guns in their hands. You have never seen a robot of the same style. They seem targeted toward the dog rather an you. You pick up the rifle and shoot one of them in the chest. They stumble backwards and turn towards you. They point their gun at you. You have two choices. Run for your life, or stand and fight. If you stand and fight, go to 14. If you run, go to 15.


You walk towards the city. A giant robot jumps behind you, sharpened claws and all. You run. Throughout ruined buildings and destroyed town squares, the chase continues. You’re running, when you trip over a piece of rubber. The giant robot is about to kill you when a bullet goes through its head. It falls backward. Behind it is a human girl brandishing a war pistol. “I never knew there was another survivor,” she says.

“What happened to the rest of the world?” you ask.

“You don’t know? How? Where have you been the last seven years?” You explain how you came from the past, and how you came in when the war was still going on.

“My great-great-great-grandfather built the Sphere. It’s really cool that you have it. Do you want to come over to my house, so we can exchange information?” she says.

You have a choice now. Stay with her, or continue going. If you stay, go to 16, if you go, go to 17.


You set up camp and sleep for the night. When you wake up, you have two choices. Explore the ruins of the Eiffel tower, or explore the city. If you explore the city, go to 6. If you go to the Eiffel tower, go to 5.


You walk to the castle. You are about to enter when you are stopped by two guards. “Halt. Why are you here?” they say. You say you have important news for the king. “Fool! The baron lives here, not the king. You’re such a dope!” They throw you out. You have two choices. Go to the village, or try to sneak in at night. If you sneak in at night, go to 18. If you go to the village, go to 10.


You run to the man. He sees you and starts running. You run after him and try to explain that you’re not a demon. He doesn’t listen. The chase continues. You go through a forest and into a village. You jump over a log and and climb a bridge over a cliffside. You run into a village, where the man picks up a barrel and throws it at you. You shoot it into to pieces with your taser. He turns around and takes a sword from the armory. He says, “Back off, and you won’t get hurt!” You have two choices. Shoot him, or talk to him. If you shoot him, go to 19. If you talk to him, got to 20.


You walk to the village. The people there are welcoming. You get a job in a tavern, and you stay there for two weeks. The repairs for the Sphere are done. You can either go back to the Sphere, or stay in the village. If you stay, go to 21. If you go, go to 22.


You drop your weapons. They take you to their tipis and speak with you. You get them to trust you, but they don’t let you have your weapons. That’s when the battle begins. The Americans come, and attack. You have to choose a side. If you aid the Native Americans, go to 23. If you go to aid the Americans, go to 24.


You reason with them. They take your weapons, and the Sphere, but they let you live at least. You travel for days, barely surviving, when you find them. The Americans. They are planning an attack on the exact same village you went to. They invite you in, and you join in on the attack on the tribe. But when you get there, you realize there are innocent women and children. You have a choice of whose side you choose. If you choose the Native Americans, go to 23. If you aid the Americans, go to 24.


You pull out your taser and fire on the chief. You take his spear and kill him, then turn on a couple more people. You bring down quite a few people, but a young woman with surprising skill shoots you in the leg with an arrow. You fall, and watch as they stab you. The pain is unbearable. Your eyes feel heavy. you think, I… have… failed… Your eyes close for the final time…


You nimbly dodge a laser shot towards you. You look at the dog. Its leg is healing at an alarming rate! You fire on the first robot, and knock him back. You hide behind a broken trash can as the next robot attacks. They blast the trash can away. You’re done for. They walk towards you. You close your eyes… You hear a gunshot, and a bark. You open your eyes. The dog is up, and biting off the heads of the robot fighters. It walks up to you and licks you. It obvious it wants you to keep it as a pet. You have a choice. If you explore the city, go to 6. If you continue exploring the Eiffel tower, go to 25.


You run. You don’t stop running. When you finally lose the robots, you’re lost. You wander for days. Soon you run out of food and water. You can’t find the Sphere. You can’t find the Sphere…


You stay with her until the Sphere is done with repairs. She gives you the book on how to use the Sphere. You spend the rest of your time together trying to find out how the war started. You finally piece it together. The war was started by a company called the “Fathers of Anarchy.” Their dream goal in life was to create infinite chaos and to destroy order. Apparently, they succeeded. The war started when tension arose between the North and the South because of the North stealing Southern people for slaves, the Fathers of Anarchy seized the opportunity. When a world meeting was called to settle these matters, the Fathers of Anarchy poisoned the South president’s drink. The South blamed the North, and so the war started. But somehow, the Fathers of Anarchy covered up this whole incident. They got the society to believe that the South attacked the North just because of the slave incident. They only explanation you have is that the Southern government was taken over by the Fathers of Anarchy. Either way, you have to go back to the past to stop this from happening. You locate the main base in Germany. You can either go to the area of the meeting, or to the main building a few weeks before the meeting.

If you go to the main building, go to 27, or if you go to the meeting, go to 28. If you have Sparky the Dog, you have to leave him behind.


If you have Sparky the Dog as a pet, go to 26. Otherwise, continue. You leave, and wander the city for a week until a robot killer finally ends you…


You enter the castle at night. You sneak past the guards and continue on. You go up a staircase, when you fall through a trapdoor. You fall into a dungeon, where you stay for the rest of your days…


You shoot him, when you realize everyone’s watching you. Oh snap. The chase begins, except this time you’re the one being pursued. You shoot down a few more, but a man come from behind. Little does he know that by doing that, he will end humanity… Forever.


As you try to reason with him, he runs away. You realize everyone thinks you’re a witch, so you go into hiding for two weeks. When you return, you can use the Sphere to go to France, 3061, C.E., go to 2 (in the first edition) or America 1876 C.E., then go to 4 (in the first edition).


You stay in the peaceful village a few more days, when the king and his armies come. They see you, and declare you a witch. You are drowned as a test to see if you’re are a witch. Your final thoughts is: I hate medieval times SO much…


You go to the Sphere. You can either go to France 3061 C.E., or U.S.A 1876 C.E. If you go to France, go to 2 (in the first edition). If you go to the U.S., go to 4 (in the first edition).


You help the Native Americans. They are an extremely smart people. When you put your heads together, you easily outfight the Americans. The Native Americans except you as a friend. You have to go somewhere else in history. You can either go to France, 3061, or England 1153. If you go to France, go to 2. If you go to England, go to 3 (both in the first edition).


You attempt to aid General Custer, but the Native Americans are too good. They strike you down once and for all…


You find a small book. It’s a diary. Someone else is in this city. You can either go to set up camp, in which case go to 7. Otherwise, you explore the city. Go to 6. If you go to 7, you cannot go back here.


You use Sparky the dog to go to the Sphere. You can either go to England, or U.S.A. England is 3, and the U.S. is 4. Unfortunately you have to leave Sparky behind. There isn’t enough room for the two of you.


Can you stop the Fathers of Anarchy? Find out, next issue…

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Liam Giszter

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