Update: Do You Think You Know Your Teachers?

Voice 1: “Hey! Watch out for turtle crossings and being tackled by tilapia!”

Is it Mr. Chagan, Dr. Z, or Mr. Tozer?

Voice 2: “Do you have gum in your mouth?!”

Is it Mrs. Guenther, Mr. Barry, or Ms. Kenealy?

Voice 3: “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.”

Is it Mr. Fifer, Mr. Terrell, or Mr. Barry?

Voice 4: “Beau is wearing a Penn State sweatshirt?”

Is it Mrs. Crowley, Mr. Tozer, or Mrs. Quinn?



Voice 1: Dr. Z

Yep, folks, that was Dr. Z. If you got that right, kudos to you! That one was all about what she said, not what she sounded like!

Voice 2: Mrs. Guenther

Yep, Mrs. Guenther. Also about what she said!

Voice 3: Mr. Barry

Did you hear the accent?

Voice 4: Mr. Tozer

Did you get it?

If you would like, share your scores in the comments section, and next week we can publish the top 5 scores!

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Liam Giszter

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