Book Fair 2015 Preview

Many students have been asking the newspaper crew about the “deets” for the upcoming Book Fair, so we connected with the Book Fair Committee! Their responses are below:

Who is hosting and planning this event? Some middle school guardians, in the form of the Book Fair Committee, have been kind enough to put lots of hard work into this year’s Book Fair.

What is the theme of the Fair this year? The theme is “The Book Fair Goes to the Movies.” This will focus the student body’s view of books that have been made into films, books that should be made into films, and books that create similar feelings in their readers to popular and beloved films.

When is this fabulous event? The Book Fair will take place from February 9-11, 2015. During these days, you will be able to stop by from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (as long as you are not missing class). Every student will visit the Fair at some point with his or her Language Arts class. The 6th graders will have a special assembly about books by Children’s Book World owner Ms. Heather Hebert that Monday instead of their regular Block 2 class. The 7th and 8th graders will have a similar assembly, only it will take place during their normal Block 6 class that same day.

Where will this take place? The book fair will again be held in Room 10, the Collaboration Center or “flex room” at the end of the main Middle School hallway on the first floor.

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