Echo Hill Poll Results

We know that you all have been taking the Echo Hill Poll, and the results are finally here!

We received many different types of responses, and we learned a lot from your feedback. Before we get to the results, I want to thank all of you who participated for taking some of your time to give us your feedback, and for putting up with my emails about the poll! ;-)

Now for the results…

For the first question on the poll, about how excited about Echo Hill you were before the trip,

the average was 3.8 out of 5. The most frequent response was 4 out of 5, with eight people responding. Next was 5 out of 5, with six people. 3, 2, and 1 came in third, fourth, and fifth respectively. So, there was a lot of positive feedback for that question.

For the next question, about how many new friends you made while you were at Echo Hill, the most often response was 4-6 people, with eight responses. This was followed by 1-3 people, with eight responses, followed by 10+ people, with three responses. Finally, 7-9 people had two responses, while 0 people had one response.

For the next question, about whether you bonded more with the people who were your friends before the trip, the most frequent response was “well, kind of…” with eleven people responding. This was followed by “definitely,” with 7 people responding, with “definitely not” claiming the lone other response.

For the final question, about your goals while you were at Echo Hill, which was a short response question, few people responded. We received some interesting responses from the people who did, though, including making a video while going down the zipline and playing around with fears of heights.

Now, we have a transcribed discussion with your very own, Mr. Chagan!! He offers a sneak peek about what is in store for next year’s seventh grade involving Echo Hill. So, sixth grade, this section’s especially for you:

Evan: So, what do you think that you could do differently about Echo Hill next year, Mr. Chagan?

Mr. Chagan: Well, I think every year following the trip, the seventh grade teachers and myself kind of debrief…

Evan: Yeah.

Mr. Chagan: …to see what worked well, and what maybe didn’t go quite as planned. Our Middle School principal, Mrs. Quinn, and myself sit down and go over things. So, we’ll have a chance to put all of that stuff together. I think that our goal is always to provide the best experience for the kids. So, that will be the measuring stick in terms of how we’re going to do that, and then, right now we’re trying to figure out other, better ways to prepare the seventh grade for next year. Is there a way that we can kick off that week differently, and celebrate the trip even before we go down? So, those would be a couple of things that we’re thinking about right now.

Evan: Thanks so much, Mr. Chagan.

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