Who Is Mrs. Petrarca?

Two reporters from The Phoenix Inquirer recently sent a poll to all Middle School students about Mrs Petrarca. The staff is happy to announce that 77 responses were received from students.  

In response to the first question, 61% of students responded that Italian is Mrs. Petrarca’s favorite type of food.

For the next question, 64% of students said that her favorite part of working at FCS is interacting with the children.

In response to the third question, 33% of students said that gold was her favorite color.

On the fourth question, a surprising 43% of students answered that Mrs. Petrarca has not been planning on moving.

For the next question, 52% of students responded that she has been working at FCS for 16 years.

In response to the sixth question, 46% of students thought that Mrs. Petrarca has a cat.

The seventh question asked what Mrs. Petrarca does in her free time. The largest majority of students, 33%, said that she travels, goes out to dinner and spends time with her grandchildren.

On the second to last question, the largest majority of students, a surprising 44%, responded that Mrs. Petrarca’s favorite trip was to Italy.

Finally, in response to the last question, a shocking 49% of responding students–almost half–said Mrs. Petrarca’s favorite holiday is Christmas.

Now, the moment that you have all been waiting for: the truth about Mrs. Petrarca!

Mrs. Petrarca’s favorite type of food is Italian. Her favorite part of working in the middle school is the children. Her favorite color is red. Mrs. Petrarca has been planning on moving for 5 years, and has been working at FCS for 16 years! She does not have any pets. In her free time, Mrs. Petrarca travels, goes out to dinner and spends time with her grandchildren. Her favorite vacation was to Italy, and her favorite holiday is Christmas.

Mrs. Petrarca was very surprised to see that 37% of the students thought she had a cat. In fact, she does not like cats very much, and is actually a little scared of them. Many student responses were correct, but the next thing that Mrs. Petrarca was most surprised to see was that the majority of the students thought her favorite color is gold. “I look more like a red person,” said Mrs. Petrarca. She felt very lucky to be interviewed and she is thankful that the student body took the time to answer some questions about her.

Are you surprised? We hope that you enjoyed taking the Mrs. Petrarca poll and we thank you for your participation!

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