Harvest Fest and Stone Soup

Friends’ Central Lower School celebrated its 19th annual Harvest Fest! This is the time of year when we celebrate our students’ connection to the natural world. Students are encouraged to bring in something they have grown themselves or something that they have observed in nature. Our activities during this week included pickle tasting, cutting vegetables to prepare our very own stone soup, and at the end of this wonderful week, our 5th graders wrote and performed a skit based on the folk tale Stone Soup!

In the library, we prepared by reading John Muth’s version of this classic folk tale. Students appreciated the change from the traditional European setting. The final line in Muth’s book, “And to think,” said the monks, “to be happy is as simple as making stone soup.” offered the perfect opportunity to connect our Harvest Fest with our Quaker testimony of Community. Author and our Ambassador for Community, DyAnne DiSalvo returned to campus to work with 5th graders on a backdrop for their performance. The skit was a success and the soup was delicious, stones and all!