DyAnne DiSalvo, FCS Lower School Ambassador for Community

This school got off to a great start with a wonderful all-school assembly featuring DyAnne DiSalvo, author and illustrator of our all-school read, Grandpa’s Corner Store. The book celebrates this year’s Quaker testimony of Community. Each of our classrooms received a copy of Grandpa’s Corner StoreĀ and our students in Pre-K through 5th grade attended the assembly.

The community spirit shines bright in this story of a take-charge child who refuses to let her grandpa’s corner grocery quietly disappear when a big supermarket opens down the street. By organizing her neighbors, Lucy makes sure her grandpa’s small, independent business can stand up to the big competition. Grandpa’s Corner Store includes a wonderful variety of community members and a map of the neighborhood.

Before reading aloud from the book, DyAnne DiSalvo told our students about the true story that inspired the book. Ms. DiSalvo used to live near a neighborhood store just like the one in Grandpa’s Corner Store. The owner, Mr. Johnson, wore a red jacket and was a very special person who helped his neighbors. Ms. DiSalvo showed us pictures of Mr. Johnson and the store.


After signing books for our students, Ms. DiSalvo drew a beautiful portrait of Mr. Johnson and dedicated it to the Lower School. Ms. DiSalvo will be returning to our campus two more times this year. First, for our Harvest Fest/Stone Soup celebration and later in the spring for a 5th grade writer’s workshop. The Lower School presented Ms. DiSalvo with a special symbol of our gratitude created by our art teacher, Heather Exley. We are honored to have Ms. DiSalvo as our “Ambassador for Community.”