April is National Poetry Month

Library Poet-tree #1


Lower School students celebrated National Poetry Month by learning about different types of poetry and then writing their own original poetry for two of our Library Poet-trees. We built one tree in the hallway outside of the library.


Library Poet-tree #2, designed and constructed by students




A second Poet-tree in the form of a sculpture made from natural materials was created by a 5th grade student with help from friends. This Poet-tree took up residence inside the library.




5th grade students focused on writing black-out poems: poems created by removing words from recycled book pages. Grades 3 and 4 wrote original poetry in a variety of forms including free verse, haiku, narrative, and limerick.

Students were invited to read aloud from their poems and our library class quickly turned into an authentic poetry reading with students stepping up on a library stool to make sure their poems were heard.