Google Classroom Essentials

Google continues to improve on its Google Classroom. Here is a useful guide from Common Sense Media on all things Google Classroom.

Teachers’ Essential Guide to Google Classroom | Common Sense Education

What is Google Classroom? Is Google Classroom an LMS? Who can use Google Classroom? How do teachers use Google Classroom? How do I set up my Google Classroom? What is Google doing with my students’ data? Should I be worried about privacy? How can Google Classroom support differentiation in the classroom?


and here is the Google Classroom Community Page which has all sorts of resources and a terrific feature “describe your issue”

Click Image to go to Google Classroom Help Community

Copying Google Classroom

FCS teachers have asked the FCIT several times both last year and again this summer if one can copy a Google Classroom class page. The answer is yes. Google Classroom added this feature last Fall and many undoubtedly will find it useful.

A word of caution, only use this If you are sure you want to teach this year’s course with very few changes to last year’s course.  If you are making even moderate changes, it may be easier to reuse posts from last year’s class or use this terrific idea.