Google Assignments in Canvas

Though this video takes a little bit of time, watch it for step by step instructions on how to use the Google Assignments Integration. If you liked grading with Google Classroom, use this feature. If you want to “lock” assignments when students turn in work- just as in Google Classroom, use this feature. And finally, if you want the students to be able to self-check for plagiarism by using Google’s originality reports, use this as well.


Online Quiz Review – Covid 19 Edition

Quizizz vs Kahoot vs Gimkit

There’s a new contestant in the hitherto Quizizz vs Kahoot contest for primacy in online quiz games. Many at FCS are quite familiar with Kahoot, the online quiz/ review game. I often hear its ear-wormy music when I walk the halls.  (Here’s 10 hours of its Jeopardy-esque theme song.) In this brief post, I will will recommend all three tools and mention a new (and temporarily free) feature of Kahoot’s.

My favorite online quiz game is Gimkit. It allows for strategy! and more authentic game play than its competitors. While the strategy aspect of the game play may be tangential to learning, it enhances the game thereby enabling learning- it will keep kids’ interest longer. It’s a great review tool and a lot of fun. Here’s a video on how to get started.

I really do most highly recommend it. Yet, as much as I like Gimkit, the other online quiz games are better for other purposes.

New content

If you’re looking to explain something to your students mid-game, use Kahoot.


Kahoot has a slides feature which allows you you to stop mid-game and explain an idea or topic. This is usually a paid feature, but Kahoot is offering free premium access for educators impacted by COVID-19.

Alex Pearson reminds us that Kahoot is a terrific review tool as well. Here Alex uses Kahoot to create work that students can do in their own time. Alex also highlights Kahoots’ detailed reports feature. Here’s more on Review, Quiz, and Tests from our Virtual Learning Google Classroom Page

Traditional tests

If you want something that has the look and feel of a more traditional test, go with Quizizz’s  Test Mode. It is meant specifically for formal summative assessments (that is quizzes and tests). Questions are only asked once, and teachers get a very detailed report at the end of the test.

If you want to try any of these free, robust and fun tools and feel you need help, FCIT is happy to get you started.


Google Classroom Essentials

Google continues to improve on its Google Classroom. Here is a useful guide from Common Sense Media on all things Google Classroom.

Teachers’ Essential Guide to Google Classroom | Common Sense Education

What is Google Classroom? Is Google Classroom an LMS? Who can use Google Classroom? How do teachers use Google Classroom? How do I set up my Google Classroom? What is Google doing with my students’ data? Should I be worried about privacy? How can Google Classroom support differentiation in the classroom?


and here is the Google Classroom Community Page which has all sorts of resources and a terrific feature “describe your issue”

Click Image to go to Google Classroom Help Community

Copying Google Classroom

FCS teachers have asked the FCIT several times both last year and again this summer if one can copy a Google Classroom class page. The answer is yes. Google Classroom added this feature last Fall and many undoubtedly will find it useful.

A word of caution, only use this If you are sure you want to teach this year’s course with very few changes to last year’s course.  If you are making even moderate changes, it may be easier to reuse posts from last year’s class or use this terrific idea.