Gradebook default trimester status

The gradebook in Veracross will continue to default to Trimester 1 until division administrators complete their review of report cards. Until that process is completed, you will need to manually change your gradebook to US Trimester 2 by using the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner of the page. Note that you will have to change this value every time you change to a new class in the gradebook.

Sync Veracross schedule to iPad iCal app

You can subscribe to your class schedule/calendar in Veracross so that all of your classes will appear in your iPad iCal app.

This can be extremely helpful for those new to the school, or for those who may need a daily reminder of their classes. We recommend all students and faculty members follow the steps below to get your Veracross class schedule into your iCal app!

Use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste comments into Veracross

Please note a best practice reminder for those who may write report card comments in a different editor (Google docs, Word, etc) and then copy and paste those comments into Veracross.

Simply copying and pasting these comments (either highlighting and copy/pasting or using keyboard shortcuts) creates messy comments on the report cards as it carries over unseen formatting and coding.

Instead of using the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut or highlighting and copy/pasting, please use Ctrl+Shift+V when pasting any text into Veracross.

This shortcut only works in the Google Chrome browser! Therefore, we recommend using Chrome, as this shortcut works on any computer- PC or Mac. 

Watch the instructional video below for more clarification.