How To Re-open Your Tabs In Chrome When You Quit

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Have you ever had a ton of tabs open in Chrome and you need to close Chrome to perform an update or Chrome froze on you, but you didn’t want to lose all the tabs you had open?

You can tell Chrome to re-open the same pages you were looking at when you quit.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. In the top-right corner, click the Chrome menu
  3. Click Settings. (If you’re using a Chromebook/box, click “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page.)
  4. Under “On startup,” select Continue where you left off.

If you make this settings change and you had 10+ tabs open, your computer may appear slow as Chrome will be loading all of those sites at once when you start it up. Once all the webpages are loaded, normal performance will resume.

Where To Find Files You Downloaded On Your Chromebox

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*For those in the Middle School and Upper School with Chromeboxes, this post is directed at you.

Have you just downloaded a file while on your Chromebox only to have trouble finding the file you downloaded? It’s not in the downloads folder of your Chromebox, so where did it go?

It went to the “Cloud” or better yet, it went to your Google Drive.

A new Chrome setting allows the tech department to set the default location where downloads from the internet are stored on Chromeboxes and Chromebooks. To make your Chromebox downloads accessible from any device, we chose to set your Google Drive as the default file location. This is important for many of you as you are having to upload PDFs for college recs and if you are saving your Google Docs as PDFs you need to know where to look to upload them into Naviance or any other website you are uploading files to.

When you download a file, it shows up on your Chromebox “Shelf” at the bottom of your screen

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If you are presented with the standard “Browse”, “Choose File”, or “Select files” boxes such as this when you are uploading documents

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That button will open your Chromebox’s local downloads folder which will not have the file you just downloaded.


Instead, you will find your downloaded files in the Google Drive menu option. You should select the “Recent” folder to easily find the file.

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If you look in your Google Drive from your desktop or iPad, you will find the file you downloaded/uploaded to drive from your Chromebox.

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Changing the Sleep Timeout On Your Chromebox

By default, all Chromeboxes automatically go to sleep if left inactive for 8 minutes. And while you can adjust the brightness level of the screen, you cannot tweak display timeout settings on Chrome OS. That is, you cannot do so without a Chrome Extension, like Keep Awake. By following these instructions, you’ll be able to keep your Chromebook from going to sleep.

Keep Awake is installed by the FCIT Department so you will find a tiny moon will appear on the right side of your Chrome browser toolbar. As long as the moon is the icon, the Chromebox’s display settings will remain unchanged.

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Tap the moon to change it into a little sun, which indicates that the Chromebox will not go to sleep.


Quick Tip: Chrome Pinned Tabs

Not many people realize the importance of Pinning tabs in Google Chrome.  Sure, it makes the tab smaller and a little more out of the way, but is that it?

Actually, the point of pinned tabs is to treat them like any other “app” you have open or running in your system.  The important thing to note about pinned tabs is that they will open automatically with your browser the next time you launch it.  So, if you find yourself using the same suite of websites day after day, wouldn’t it be nice if they were all just open and launched and set aside every time you opened your browser (or if you had them all set, then suddenly closed your browser by accident).  Well – pin those tabs!  To shrink a tab down to its icon, right-click on it and choose Pin Tab.

To shrink a tab down to its icon, right-click on it and choose Pin Tab.

Another quick tip – Ctrl-Shift-T is your friend!! Whenever you accidentally (or not) close a tab and need it back, that will open previously closed tabs.  You can use it infinitely too (it ties to your History basically).