Make Your Canvas Dashboard Cards Pop!

  • Want to add some pizzazz to your Canvas Dashboard? Use Canva with Canvas! Canva is a free graphic design site for those of us who aren’t graphic designers. Canva Review for 2020

    To see a video explaining how to use Canva to jazz up Canvas, go to the next slide by clicking either arrow adjacent to this text box.

    Note that you can use these images made in Canva for more than just the Canvas Dashboard Cards. You could easily embed these Canva images in your pages, assignments and announcements using the Rich Content Editor. 

How to Embed a Website into Canvas

We are able to embed most web pages into Canvas. There are exceptions to this that we’ll run across. For instance,  Adobe Spark Pages will not embed. (However, there is a workaround for that as we’ve added the Adobe Spark LTI to Canvas).  In time, we will discover other websites that do not work. Whether it is embeddable or not is in the control of the web-designer. However, the steps shown below in the video will work for the vast majority of websites.

The iframe editor that I used in the video below is here.

Why embed the website? Sometimes it is just easier for all parties involved if the material sits right in Canvas. Besides, it looks better than a link.


IORAD and Google/ Canvas Integrations

This post serves two purposes.

  1. We want to feature IORAD. If you want to make a simple step by step interactive instructions for students as seen below, use the IORAD extension. You’ll see that you will actually click through the steps. Is there an easier way to show how to do something? click “Start” below.
  2. Our other purpose is to show how easy it is to embed a Google Doc right into Canvas. Alex Pearson also posted a video on how to do this as well.





In the RCE, Go to far right of the tool bar and click the three dots 

Step 1 image


Click the plug in icon

Step 2 image


Scroll down and click Google Drive

Step 3 image


This now looks a lot like the Google interface. Click Select file

Step 4 image


choose and click the google doc you wish to embed in Canvas.

Step 5 image


Click Add

Step 6 image


Click Attach

Step 7 image


Scroll down and that’s it. You’re done.

Step 8 image

Here’s an interactive tutorial


To make your own IORAD, get the Chrome Extension. (and watch the tutorial)

Re-Using Google Classroom Rubrics

Some may worry that they’ll have to start from scratch in doing the tedious work of making rubrics in Canvas. Look, there’s no two ways about it. A thoughtful rubric takes time. I’ve done a fair amount of thinking about rubrics. Please be careful with them.  Let me strongly recommend the single point rubric. If you’ve created rubrics in Google Classroom you wish to reuse in Canvas, here’s how.

Take it away, Deb Skapik.

How to Embed HTML5 – PhET Interactive Simulations into Canvas

FCS teachers love these simulations developed by PhET Interactive Simulations, a project at the University of Colorado Boulder. PhET is a non-profit open educational resource project that creates and hosts explorable explanations. These engaging simulatings enhance the way science is taught and learned. Now, embed them directly into Canvas!