What’s in your classroom

Classrooms are equipped with a projector that will be connected to a Chromebox and an Apple TV. You must be on the Faculty network to use the Apple TV. In many classrooms there is a DVD player with speakers. If you need a DVD player or your current one is malfunctioning, please submit a help ticket via our online help desk.

* The Middle School and Upper School classroom use Chromeboxes.
* We have Windows machines in each building’s faculty room that will provide you with a way to move any content that is still on the school servers.
* By moving this content to the cloud, you will be able to more easily and intuitively share this content with your students who will all have devices (iPads or laptops) that would not be able to connect to our servers.

We are always available to help those that need help navigating how to upload your old documents to Google Drive.

For those that are comfortable uploading their documents to Drive, there are Windows computers in the Main building faculty room, the FCC faculty room, and the Language building faculty room.