Re-syncing Notability auto back up to Google Drive

If you’ve updated to iOS8, and updated Notability within the last week, you might have the message below about your Notability no longer auto backs up to Google Drive.

notability back up

If you hit ok and went about your business, you’ll need to go back into the Notability settings and re-enable auto back up to Google Drive.

You can do this in the few easy steps below. Alternatively, you can watch this video tutorial.

1) Click on the cog icon at the bottom left hand side of the Notability homepage.

notability 1

2) Select “Google Drive” from the auto-backup list.

notability 2

3) If prompted, enter in your FCS full username (ex: and password.

notability 3

4) Click the blue Accept button.

photo 4

5) Success! You should now see a confirmation that your notes automatically back up to Drive.

photo 5