New scan to Google Drive option on campus printers!

You may have noticed new copiers across campus. You may have also notice that there is no “network scans” folder on your desktop this year. In an effort to utilize our Google Apps account and make scanning even easier for you, you will now see the option to scan to Google Drive on copiers.

 On the main screen, you will be prompted to enter an ID number.  For those on the City Ave campuse, we’ve synced the printers to your cafeteria PIN number. For those on the LS campus, your PIN number is your campus phone extension. Enter your 4-digit cafeteria PIN to get started.


Now you can select “Scan 2 Drive” in the top right hand side of the screen.

Click on “Send to Google Drive”.

Click on Filename to bring up an onscreen keyboard. Type in the name of the file and press OK.

Under FileName, click Google Password and when the onscreen keyboard pops up, enter in your FCS Google password (the same one you use to access your Gmail, Google Drive, etc). Your scan automatically goes through as a PDF, but under settings, you can change this option to JPEG if you would like to scan the document as a picture. Once settled, click Scan.



Once scanned, click on “Activity” in the left hand menu. This document, scanned as a PDF, will show in your FCS Google Drive list! Don’t forget to log out.

Copying Settings


You will also need to enter in your 4 digit cafeteria PIN to copy.

Once logged in, you will see a few options on the right hand side of the screen. To make double sided copies, click on 2-Sided Copies.


The copier defaults to 1 sided output. You will see other options, like 1 sided input to 2-sided output. Once you’ve selected an output, click OK.


To have your copies stapled, click on Output.


The second option on the left is Staple Sort, and once selected, you can specify where on the page you’d like to staple.

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