Setting FCS Gmail as default email

In Veracross, you have the option to Email Parents or Email Students, which can be helpful when sending information to an entire class! You can find this feature in your class list, under the class name. Scroll over to Contact, and you will see the option to Email Parents and Email Students.   email  Ideally, clicking one of those options will populate a new compose email from your FCS account in the Chrome browser, when you are signed in. If this isn’t happening, and something like Outlook or another program is opening, we have a simple solution for you! When in Chrome, open your FCS email. Look for the a diamond icon on the right hand side of the address bar. Click the icon, select “Use Gmail”, and then hit Done. Our’s may say “Use to open all email links”, so definitely click that! Selecting an email address will now open all new composing emails in your FCS gmail account.   chrome_default_email

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    • Make sure you are looking when you’re in your FCS gmail. If no diamond icon- it means you already have it set up to open from your FCS gmail account!

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