Current Event and Historical Topics –

In Friends’ Central’s 20th Century Global History and American History courses, students spend their time analyzing and debating the historical sources—speeches, journals, letters, official documents and demographic and economic data.

They also have frequent opportunities to apply the knowledge they gain of the past to the study of current events.

Many of the articles in this category have evolved out of the discussions that follow.

College Admissions and Related Topics –

Our students are virtually all college-bound, but beyond that they represent a diverse set of backgrounds and post-secondary goals. They come to us from Philadelphia and several surrounding counties. More than a quarter are students of color and almost a third receive need-based financial aid. Our interactions with them and their parents, other area independent school counselors and our colleagues on the college side provide the material for the pieces on college admissions.

Grant Calder teaches history at Friends’ Central School. He is also co-director of college counseling.