Week 3 Update

Fall is here! Have a super weekend.

If anyone is interested in joining a professional development book club I would love to read this book as a group. http://www.amazon.com/Free-Learn-Unleashing-Instinct-Self-Reliant/dp/0465025994
Let me know if you are interested.

Teachers Toni and Deb for putting on a lovely skit representing the Quakers of old and the Quakers of now at the Lower School Meeting for Worship on Thursday.

Gary Nicolai for engaging students in a press conference simulation about Syria.

Every Middle School teacher who completed a feat of greatness by chaperoning Adventure Day and/or the WEEK LONG Echo Hill Trip.

Discussion Points
Want to know more about blended learning?

Looking for ways to engage students?

App of the Week
I have always loved skitch. Here is a short video that shows how powerful this can be for students of all ages.

Motivation for the Week