Fit Bit for Educators

I finally made the leap and purchased a fit bit.  I realized I am too sedentary at work (and at home for that matter) and am hoping that a device on my wrist may inspire me to get moving.  Yesterday was my first day wearing the band.  I checked it way too often – in part to see if I could get the thing to work.  You would be amazed how hard it was for me to figure out what “tap twice” actually meant.  At the end of the day, I came in way under – only 6350 steps.  I decided not to go for a 10:00 run to make up for the missing steps.  Instead, I made a goal to take more steps throughout the day tomorrow and see if I can improve.

In thinking about my failure to reach the goal of 10,000 steps, I realized that back in my days of full-time teaching I would have easily made the goal.  Walking around the classroom for six to eight hours a day I must have taken at least 20,000 steps!

Then I thought…  what if we had a “fit bit” for teaching?  What if we could wear a band that reminded us that we had not called on everyone in the class?  What if the “fit bit” for teaching beeped when we had not given enough wait time for students to answer?  What if it vibrated when we had lectured for too long? It sounds crazy, but then it is also crazy that I am wearing a band on my wrist to remind me not to be lazy.

Important Dates:

Here is the schedule for our Post-Planning Week in June.

Reading of the Week:

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Brain Reading of the Week:

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