Spring Swing

Happy Weekend!

It was easy to appreciate the beautiful weather today after the past few months of cold and wet weather.  My kids spent much of the day playing outside. They were so excited to run around in shorts and play in dry (ish) grass.  For me, it was heaven to get them out of the house!  I hope each of you were able to enjoy a bit of the spring weather today and possibly tomorrow as well.

I will be at Tower Hill School as part of their accreditation team starting tomorrow through Wednesday.  This will be my first time doing an accreditation for PAIS and I am very excited to learn about the process from the “other” side.  I will be busy most of the day but will be checking email periodically, please do not hesitate to be in touch if you need anything.

We are in full swing with hiring season so thank you to everyone who has taken the time to meet with candidates, give feedback, and work with Taylor and I as we tackle tricky schedules. Many candidates have commented to Mike and I on the warm and welcoming culture at FCS so thank you for showing them what a wonderful place it is to work and learn.  We have a few more weeks before we will be done so keep up the great work and thank you in advance for your time with the upcoming candidates.

Reading of the Week:

In this article from Independent School Magazine blog, the question is raised whether students are disabled or schools.

Did you ever wonder why so many students cannot sit still?  This article describes the physical needs of our students to move – often!

Brain Reading of the Week:

Thanks to Dottie for sharing this article on how the dyslexic brain works with math.

Inspiration of the Week:

inspriration again

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