It’s That Time of Year…

Mike Keaton and I attended our first hiring event over the weekend.  This event was aimed at recruiting diverse candidates to independent schools and although we did not interview many candidates, those that we did meet seemed very strong.  Mike and I will also be attending the following events to recruit faculty/staff:

Feb 13-14   Carney Sandoe Hiring Forum (Boston, MA)

Feb 19    St. Joe’s Hiring Fair

Feb 26-27 NAIS Link (Boston, MA)

Feb 27 – Bryn Mawr College Hiring Fair

Feb 28 – NEMNET Hiring Fair (local)

March 6  Earlham College (Indiana)

In addition to the travel above, I will be in Los Angeles this week presenting at the OESIS Conference “Back to School: Classes of the Future” from Thursday – Sunday.  I also had the pleasure of attending and presenting at EduCon this past weekend.  EduCon is a different type of conference in that it is about conversations more than presentations.  It is held at Science Leadership Academy downtown and I encourage others to attend in future years.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Next week the Administrative Team will be at an ADVIS workshop concerning diversity on Wednesday and at an administrative retreat on Thursday.  Needless to say, it is that time of year when I sometimes feel like I am away more than I am around.  I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and I hope everyone enjoyed their two snow days.

Reading of the Week:

Mindset, Intelligence, and so much more – this article discusses success in school versus intelligence.

Brain Reading of the Week: (Thanks again to Dottie for passing this along)

This article talks about the importance of taking brain breaks and has some great ideas of how to incorporate them into your classes.

I found this article on myths about neuroscience to be especially interesting.  It certainly debunks many of the things I was told were true.

Inspiration of the Week:

In light of my attendance at EduCon below is a great graphic describing two ways to approach Project Based Learning.



Happy New Year

Although we are not quite through the first half of the school year, winter break always feels like the mid-year mark to me.  When we return from break and get back into the groove of the year many of us begin to put an eye to the next year. On the administrative side we start to make plans, set calendar dates,  work on hiring, and focus on completing our goals for the year.

Summer camp sign ups typically begin in January as well so it is hard not to think about summer plans and the hopes and dreams that come with that time of year.  I was surprised when I found myself beginning to plan out some of my summer trips over the break and realized that you too may be beginning to make plans.  In that vein, I thought the following dates may be helpful for your to know:

The official last day for teaching faculty will be Wednesday, June 17th.

New Faculty/Staff Orientation begins the week of August 17th – all faculty and staff report on August 24th, school begins on Tuesday, September 1st.

Reading of the Week:

Read an article about why creative people have messy minds.

I know many of you saw this article on why so many youngsters have trouble sitting still in school.

Video/Brain Work of the Week:  Thanks to Dottie for this video on the brain and literacy!

Click Here

Inspiration of the Week:

insp 1