Feedback and Growth Task Force

In the 2007 PAIS Accreditation Report, the Visiting Team recommended:

“Develop a more systematic, formal evaluation system for all divisions and departments.”

The Vision 2020 committee on Engaging Curriculum recommended:

“Create a ‘ONE FCS’ uniform practice of faculty assessment and professional development.”

With these goals in mind, we have created the Feedback and Growth Task Force to help us develop a system that is focused on professional growth.  I am excited that the group will begin to meet this week and am grateful to our friends that have agreed to take on this additional duty.  Although we all contributed some ideas at the ONE FCS meeting, I encourage you to continue to give your thoughts and suggestions to anyone on the task force.  It is important that every voice is a part of the process.

Charlotte Danielson is considered the “leader” in this area.  If you are interested in reading more about her work you may want to look over this new document from Danielson and The Gates Foundation.

Reading of the Week:

In this post a teacher shadows students for two days and makes some big discoveries.

Things to consider when assigning homework.

Brain reading of the Week:

What is happening in your brain when you make that first judgment?

Inspiration of the Week:




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