Feedback and Growth Task Force

In the 2007 PAIS Accreditation Report, the Visiting Team recommended:

“Develop a more systematic, formal evaluation system for all divisions and departments.”

The Vision 2020 committee on Engaging Curriculum recommended:

“Create a ‘ONE FCS’ uniform practice of faculty assessment and professional development.”

With these goals in mind, we have created the Feedback and Growth Task Force to help us develop a system that is focused on professional growth.  I am excited that the group will begin to meet this week and am grateful to our friends that have agreed to take on this additional duty.  Although we all contributed some ideas at the ONE FCS meeting, I encourage you to continue to give your thoughts and suggestions to anyone on the task force.  It is important that every voice is a part of the process.

Charlotte Danielson is considered the “leader” in this area.  If you are interested in reading more about her work you may want to look over this new document from Danielson and The Gates Foundation.

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OESIS Conference

Having just returned from the OESIS Conference in Boston I have two big take aways spinning in my mind.  The first is that although schools may seem different in how they are integrated technology (and specifically online learning), we are all trying to navigate a world that is new and sometimes scary.  I attended one session where the Kiski School presented how they have implemented online learning.  They have tried several models over the last five years and are in the end back to where they started.  It was nice to hear how they have learned some lessons and are still trying to figure out how this best fits into their school culture and model.  The second take away is that sometimes the best part of going to a conference is having uninterrupted time to think about a topic deeply.  The conference, like most, had some good sessions and some not so good sessions.  However, the ability to think about nothing but one topic for two full days was truly a gift.  I am excited to share more of my thoughts in person and hope to do so at an upcoming meeting.

PD Opportunities:

Although Al cannot attend, he recommends: Creating a Safe Space for LGBTQ

Local and Fantastic!  Learning and the Brain is coming to Villanova.

EduCon registration is open.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please fill out the PD form on the faculty intranet home page under Forms.

Reading of the Week:

Although this article is about public speaking – I believe it all applies to teaching as well!

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