Snow Days and other Stay-Cations

Below you will find an article I just read about PA adopting new regulations around snow days.  This new legislation will allow school systems use technology to continue teaching on snow days and thus count the missed days toward the magic “180.”  I am not sure how I feel about this concept, but I do know that even as an adult I love my snow days. I love that they are unplanned and typically include staying home and truly resting and enjoying my family.  It is the reason “Stay-Cations” have become popular as well – they are really like planned snow days.  How do you feel about this new legislation and the possibility of having no more snow days?

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Inspiration of the Week: Thanks to Becky Guenther for passing this along.


2 thoughts on “Snow Days and other Stay-Cations”

  1. In theory, the idea of snow-day learning is fantastic. However, the practical application will not work for major storms which take out not only internet but power and heat for some, but not all. My neighborhood was clobbered in one of the winter storms, leaving me without power and heat for several days in subfreezing temperatures. I had no option but to stay in my house; it was very frustrating to return to FCS after that, hearing about people who “got so much work done” or were “bored” when I was in survival mode trying to keep pipes from freezing and noting temps of below 40 degrees in my living room!

  2. I also thought of Deb’s situation, which also happened to be what happened to many of us! Serious storms do not impact us all the same. On a personal note, for those storms that are not outright dangerous, I find it a time to slow down a bit, distance myself from the frenzy and take care of … me. That is, until it’s time to shovel out! Sometimes we get into the mindset, such as with the proposed legislation, that “more is better” and “do more with less.” I’m a big believer that periodically it’s important to let the field lie fallow – like during a winter storm 🙂

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