Snow Days and other Stay-Cations

Below you will find an article I just read about PA adopting new regulations around snow days.  This new legislation will allow school systems use technology to continue teaching on snow days and thus count the missed days toward the magic “180.”  I am not sure how I feel about this concept, but I do know that even as an adult I love my snow days. I love that they are unplanned and typically include staying home and truly resting and enjoying my family.  It is the reason “Stay-Cations” have become popular as well – they are really like planned snow days.  How do you feel about this new legislation and the possibility of having no more snow days?

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New Year’s Resolutions

My son recently announced he has a “New Year’s Resolution” to play more sports during recess. Following this announcement, my husband reminded him that it wasn’t a new year. My son then explained that it was new school year making this a perfectly appropriate time to make a resolution. I had to chuckle listening to this exchange since I too count my life in school years – not calendar years. I have always loved the fall for this reason. The “new year” presents an opportunity to start again, make resolutions, and re-iterate myself through my work. What are your “New Year’s Resolutions?”

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