Week 16

Friends- It seems like an eternity since winter break. We have had a busy two weeks since our return. It is great to see everyone back in full swing. Thanks to everyone for your feedback on the weekly update. I am excited to keep the momentum going.

I am still looking for volunteers for two groups: Spring In-Service Day and Orientation. I am especially in need of MS respresentation.

I know many of us are reading the Cosmopolitan Canopy but I am anxious to start looking for our next group read. Please let me know if you have any ideas or requests.

Reading of the Week
Read about how a parent feels regarding homework.

Tool for the Week
This is a great graphic covering good pedagogy with tech integration.


One thought on “Week 16”

  1. While it’s interesting — and necessary — to think about the homework load on our students, I found this article to be snarky and irritating, actually. The author at one point even brings up how he was doing his homework “stoned” in 8th grade, which, to my mind, undermines his credibility. I don’t assign homework lightly; I give thought to every single assignment. Every colleague I know does that, too. There is purpose to what I do and, having three very busy kids, I “get” it. I go home with piles of grading and prep-work to do, too (that’s *my* homework). It’s actually sort of weird to read this whiny article from a parent who has the luxury of being able to come home — ever — and take a nap… Homework can certainly take a long time for kids to do but, often, that’s because the computer is running in the background with Facebook or Skype open, or the cell phone is blinking with text messages. If homework is assigned via computer or to be completed electronically, there are plenty of tempting distractions for young people. For us, it was what–the one landline phone in the house? Just my two cents.

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