Week 16

Friends- It seems like an eternity since winter break. We have had a busy two weeks since our return. It is great to see everyone back in full swing. Thanks to everyone for your feedback on the weekly update. I am excited to keep the momentum going.

I am still looking for volunteers for two groups: Spring In-Service Day and Orientation. I am especially in need of MS respresentation.

I know many of us are reading the Cosmopolitan Canopy but I am anxious to start looking for our next group read. Please let me know if you have any ideas or requests.

Reading of the Week
Read about how a parent feels regarding homework.

Tool for the Week
This is a great graphic covering good pedagogy with tech integration.


Weeks 13, 14, 15

Welcome Back! Over the last few weeks I have been considering whether or not to continue using this blog as a way to communicate each week. I worry that each of you has so much in your inbox already – at the same time I constantly see things that I think would be beneficial to share. I welcome feedback so please let me know if you would prefer a different system for my communications.

Help? I need your help with a few task force groups that I will be assembling. Please email me if you are interesting in helping out.

Spring In-Service Planning Group – I would love 3-4 people (from varying divions) to assist in the planning of our day. The focus of the day will be technology and specifically getting ready for the 1:1 environment next year.

New Faculty/Staff Orientation Planning Group – I need a few employees to help plan our orientation for new employees in August.

Reading of the Week
Performance Assessment

Discussion Points
Read this article about Finnish schools and teaching math.

App of the Week
Check out this amazing list of apps by age level and content.

Great ways to use iPads in the classroom for feedback

Motivation of the Week