Week 12

This is a time of mourning for many but also a time of celebration as we look back on the life of Nelson Mandela. His life and work are an inspiration and I am sure we will be honoring him in many ways this coming week.

Everyone involved in writing report cards – congratulations on finishing and thank you for your hard work in this area.
Ginger and Alexa who ran great parent coffees last week.
Alexa… well let’s just say she kept her secret quite hidden and now we can all openly celebrate her upcoming arrival in June.
Everyone involved in the Humanities Distinguished Speaker, Al Filreis, for an incredible evening culminating a semester long study of poetry.
Brian R., Michele Z., Carl B., and CJ for the wonderful Middle School Concert Friday night.

LD Reading of the Week
How to differentiate to meet the needs of everyone in your class.

Discussion Points
Read about how one teacher “innovates” in her classroom.

App of the Week
Read how one teacher uses Dropbox to stay organized.

Motivation for the Week