Week 8

I just finished grading some papers and I feel like I am finally beginning to understand my students. I love knowing their learning styles, needs, and strengths. I feel like I am peeling away the layers of each student to ultimately see their many talents. I feel very lucky to be a teacher tonight.

DATE CHANGE: Our discussion about the role of play in education will be postponed from Monday (11/4) to Wednesday, November 13th at 3:30. If you have read the book “Free to Learn” or just want to discuss this topic please feel free to join our discussion. I am only one third of my way through the book but have many things I would love to ponder with peers. Come for the snacks – stay for the discussion.

Terry G. and CJ for a wonderful production of EDGES. I cannot imagine how much work goes into a production of that caliber.
Deb M. for all of her planning for US Service Week
Laurie L. for the wonderful Halloween programming in LS.
All of the 8th Grade teachers who escorted students to the LS to help with the Halloween parade – what a great connection for our students. What we lose in class time we gain tenfold in character and community.

LD Awareness Month
Trouble with math?

Interested in learning more about students that learn differently. This certificate program looks amazing!

Discussion for the Week

Awesome STEAM challenges for LS students

Middle School Course on problem solving

Motivation for the Week


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