Week 11

Since we won’t have a weekly update next week I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a restful and wonderful break. May your travels be stress free and your gatherings be glorious.

Julie G., CJ, and the MS students for a wonderful production this weekend!
Anne K. and the MS newspaper staff for their amazing issue.
LS Garden committee and Peter G. for inspiring all of us with their new space.
Mark F. and Robyn R. for their work on the Quaker Self Study.
Everyone doing the “extras” this time of year for others (Manna Pies, Turkeys, food deliveries).
Al for his second TED Talk.

LD Reading for the Week
A great reminder of what it is like for a student that is struggling.

Discussion for the Week
Try out this “game like” practice site.

Check out California’s open resource site.

App of the Week
I have always been a fan of Explain Everything but it appears to have even more features everyday! Here is a blog post about how a teacher uses the app to give feedback to students.


Week 10

On Friday we had our fourth Lower School Principal candidate spend the day with us. The candidate and I worked together at Flint Hill from 2001-2006 and it was great to see him again. After his day on campus we had some time to catch up more casually and he commented on the warm and talented community here at Friends’ Central. I felt very lucky to be a part of this incredible community. I know he went away from his visit understanding what makes FCS so special.

5th grade students and teachers who created the FCS version of Caine’s Arcade for our River Day on Friday.
The Middle School Religious Life Committee and Margaret Roberts who facilitated a special Meeting For Worship in the Rex Gym last Monday.
Laurie N., Terry G., and Liza E. for taking students to the American Shakespeare Theater in VA over the weekend.
Diego, Mike C., Keith B., Keith B. (yes both of them), Rochelle, Caroline M-D., and Linda for joining me to talk about the role of play and education.

LD Reading for the Week
Read this article to learn more about accomodations vs. modifications.

Discussion for the Week
Why every child should learn to code.

App of the Week

Motivation for the Week


Week 9

What a week! Two Lower School Principal candidate visits, four admission candidate interviews, Dr. Eddie Moore on campus leading diversity discussions, girls and boys soccer post season games, MS/US Visitor Morning, tech trainings on each campus, and of course, the wonderful flurry of learning that happens everyday here at FCS. I think we all deserve a wonderful weekend.

BOOK TALK – We will be discussing the role of PLAY in education. Everyone is welcome. Join us in the OPA room on Wednesday from 3:30 – 5:00. Please let me know if you plan to attend so I can supply enough goodies to keep us satiated.

Sue Kirk and Regina Ziffer for assisting the 5th grade students in their “Be a Giver to the River” video production.
Steve Patterson and Christina Perez for the organization and orchestration of Dr. Moore’s visit.

LD Awareness
Although the “month of awareness” is over, I think it would be appropriate to continue to highlight this topic each week.

At our Faculty In-Service last month Erika H. inquired about a suggested reading around the topic of LD. There are so many great books available but one of my personal favorites is The Myth of Laziness by Mel Levine. If anyone is interested I would love to do an after school book talk on this piece.

In addition, this website has some great online modules to assist in learning about and helping students who learn differently. Why not grab a friend and watch one together?

Discussion for the Week
I received this article from three friends last week. It is definitely worth a read. If you are not already familiar with Sugata Mitra and his work you can watch his TED TALK for more information on his educational research.

Always dreamed of going to Stanford? View a sample lecture from their winter course offerings.

App of the Week
How to use Air Drop on your iPad for storage and sharing of large files.

Motivation of the Week


Week 8

I just finished grading some papers and I feel like I am finally beginning to understand my students. I love knowing their learning styles, needs, and strengths. I feel like I am peeling away the layers of each student to ultimately see their many talents. I feel very lucky to be a teacher tonight.

DATE CHANGE: Our discussion about the role of play in education will be postponed from Monday (11/4) to Wednesday, November 13th at 3:30. If you have read the book “Free to Learn” or just want to discuss this topic please feel free to join our discussion. I am only one third of my way through the book but have many things I would love to ponder with peers. Come for the snacks – stay for the discussion.

Terry G. and CJ for a wonderful production of EDGES. I cannot imagine how much work goes into a production of that caliber.
Deb M. for all of her planning for US Service Week
Laurie L. for the wonderful Halloween programming in LS.
All of the 8th Grade teachers who escorted students to the LS to help with the Halloween parade – what a great connection for our students. What we lose in class time we gain tenfold in character and community.

LD Awareness Month
Trouble with math?

Interested in learning more about students that learn differently. This certificate program looks amazing!

Discussion for the Week

Awesome STEAM challenges for LS students

Middle School Course on problem solving

Motivation for the Week