Week 6 Update

It’s that time of year… parent conferences, mid-tri grades, comment writing – it is easy to get that hamster in wheel feeling when there are so many things happening. I was fortunate to be at an in-service for some Catholic Schools in Richmond today and am feeling rejuvenated thanks to their energy and enthusiasm. It reminds me how we all need a boost now and then. I hope you can find a way to get your boost this weekend.

The Admission Team for their preparation for our Open House this Saturday.
Middle School teachers who attended the Renaissance Faire on Thursday (it is a long bus ride but worth the trip!).
All of the teachers involved with the amazing art work hanging in the halls of the LS. If you have not been over for visit please try to stop by to see the many interpretations of Rivers.

LD Reading of the Week
Have you ever worked with a student who “seems” to know everything in class and orally can explain things but does not do as well on tests? The child may have a disorder called dysgraphia. Click here to read about it.

Discussion Points
Although we do not adhere to the Common Core Standards I think is important to have some understanding of what they look like. Click here for more information.

The dark history of the multiple choice test.

App of the Week
Stack the States use it for students of any age to teach/review geography – its fun too!

Motivation for the Week


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